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What is Bestla Investment?
We are a leading crypto investment platform registered in the United Kingdom. Bestla Investment is offering diverse cryptocurrency investment plans that can help you grow your money while enjoying 2% and 3% regular, lucrative returns.
What are the available investment plans at Bestla?
Bestla Investment is offering 2 primary plans to potential investors. With our out of the box standard plans, you can invest with us as low as 20 USD and start earning 2% daily profit for 55 straight days. Also, you can leverage our premium plan and generate 3% daily profit for 45 straight days with a mere 100 USD investment.
Investing with us is a piece of cake, potential investors can make their investment in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Perfect Money. Upon the maturity date, you can withdraw your principal amount and grow your money like never before. Come aboard with Bestla Investment and experience the crypto innovation.
How risky is the investment with Bestla Investment?
For our potential investors, we have eliminated all the worries. We are a licensed and fully registered investment firm in the United Kingdom. Our investment plans and strategies are designed upon careful considerations and top industry practices. Your investment is safe with us at all costs.
Does Bestla Investment have any other website or investment platform?
No, is our official and only website where you can sign-up, come aboard, invest your assets, and watch them grow.
Which payment methods do we accept for investments?
Investors can deposit their money in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Perfect Money only.
Where can I find the company's information?
You can find our company information, registration number and other details in the About Us section of our website.
Is a money-back guarantee available for investors?
Yes, Bestla Investment offers a money-back guarantee to its investors. Our experienced professionals are pioneers in crypto investments and know-how to generate huge profits.
How to locate my deposits on the website?
Upon a successful deposit, you can refer to the Account Balance and Total Earning section in your Bestla Investment Account's dashboard. All information is available on the dashboard that you'd need to manage and monitor your account.
What are the different investment plan periods available?
We offer lifetime investment plans. It is up to you when you wish to stop your investment plan. In short, 'NO' time limit is there on investment programs.
What is the difference between Total Earning & Total Return?
Total Earnings is the collective sum of your daily earnings for the duration of your investment.
On the other hand, Total Return is received upon stopping your investment. The funds are then released and added to the total earnings.
The sum of Total Earnings + the initial invested Principal makes the Total Return.
Forgot my username, how to access my account?
Once you partner with us, you will detail your account details and credentials in your email. However, at any point in time, if you forget any of those, you can initiate a password recovery process.
Just tap on 'I forgot my Password' in the account section. Enter your email address used at the time of registration and choose Recover Password.
You will soon receive an email with the confirmation link that you can use to reset your password.
Once you do, we will send you an email containing an updated Username and Password.
How to change password?
Simply refer to your Dashboard>Edit Account. You can enter the new password and click on Submit.
I think my account has been stolen, what do I do now?
At any point in time, if you lose access to your account, you can change your password immediately and generate fresh account credentials.
How to update my email address?
To update your email address, you can write to us at Our customer care executives will be happy to assist you. Just mention your username, current email, and updated email you'd want to include in the system.
How to change/update Bitcoin or Ethereum address for withdrawal?
Login in to your account
Scroll on Dashboard click Edit Account
Paste the destination address for BTC, ETH, or Perfect Money
Click on Submit
Which payment methods does Bestla Investment support?
You can deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Perfect Money.
Can I make multiple accounts with Bestla Investment?
Yes, you certainly can. You can provide different email addresses and sign-up with those.
Is there any limitation on login into the Bestla account from the same IP address?
No, potential investors can create and login into as many accounts they like.
What is a 2FA or two-factor authentication?
At Bestla Investment, we take the security of your funds very seriously. You can enable the extra layer of security 2FA (Two-factor) authentication, and keep your money safe. It's an entirely optional feature.
Is it compulsory to enable 2FA?
No, it's entirely up to you. It serves as an additional layer of security for your account.
How to enable two-factor authentication?
Simply log in to your account. Stroll to the Dashboard and click on the Security section. There you'd notice the 2FA section with the mentioned steps. Investors should also take a backup from the QR code in Step 2 of the two-factor authentication page so that they don't lose their account when the phone is not reachable.
How does two-factor authentication work?
When enabled in your Bestla Investment account, every time you want to log in, you will need to enter your username and password. The next step is to enter the code generated by Google Authenticator. Remember Google Authenticator refreshed the code every 30 seconds. Therefore, you should quickly enter the code.
Shall I take 2FA backup? How to use it?
You should take a backup of your activation code or at least take a screenshot of the QR code during step 2 of the 2FA activation process. This is done to protect you in case you lose the device. You can always set the Google Authenticator app on a new device and regain your account's access. You can use your backed up activation code or QR code to regain access.
How to disable two-factor authentication?
Simply go to the Security section under the Account Dashboard. You will need to enter the code generated by Google Authenticator and click on Disable 2FA.
How can I deposit in my Bestla Investment account?
Assuming you have created the account with us successfully.
Login to your Bestla Investment account
● Click on 'Get Started Now' on the home page or refer to the Dashboard
● Pick the mode you're comfortable with, choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Perfect Money, and click on the 'Make Investment' button. This will generate a deposit address.
● Upon a successful Bitcoin transaction and once it gets logged into the Bitcoin network, only then your account will be credited with the deposit.
● Upon successful credit, your investment will begin, and you will start generating daily profits
What is the minimum deposit required?
You can start with 20 USD
Is there any limitation on deposits or maximum amount?
No, investors can deposit as much as they like. The higher the principal is, the higher are the returns.
Can I invest multiple times and make more than one deposit?
Yes, Bestla Investment allows you to invest as many times as you like. Each time you make a subsequent deposit, your investment will be recorded through BTC, ETH, or Perfect Money deposit address. You can see the total investment in your Account details.
How can I distinguish between 2 different deposits?
Every time you make a deposit, you provide a Bitcoin or Ethereum deposit address. This address is always unique and can be used to differentiate between all your investments. Hash can be used here as proof of payment.
How to initiate the withdrawal process from the Bestla Investment account?
At any point in time, you can sign-in to your account and refer to the "Make Withdrawal" button in your account's Dashboard. After that, you need to provide the amount you wish to withdraw and provide the address for your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallets. You should note that we release the funds instantly.
How much time does it take to release the funds to my wallet?
Bestla Investment provides manual withdrawals of funds. Withdrawals process within 72 hours time limit.
Is there any fees or commission involved in making withdrawals?
No, investors don't need to pay anything while withdrawing their deposits.
What are the minimum & maximum withdrawal limits for BTC/ETH?
You would be happy to know that there is no upper limit on the withdrawals. The minimum limit for BTC and ETH is USD 5. Perfect Money has a minimum limit of 2 USD attached to it.
Can I withdraw to multiple Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Perfect Money addresses?
Yes, Bestla Investment allows you to store all your addresses in your account. You can simply go to the Edit Account section in the Dashboard and refer to the address setting section. paste your addresses and submit.
Can I create multiple accounts with Bestla Investment?
Yes, we welcome you always. There is no bar on the number of accounts you create with us.
Is there any referral or affiliate program available?
Yes, we offer a lucrative referral program to our investor partners. As soon as you sign-up with Bestla Investment, you can generate your referral link and share it with your friends and family. Earn 10%-2%-1% commissions on the investments of your peers.
Leverage marketing banners and share on your social media handles to garner more people. Check the referral details in the My Referrals section in the Bestla Account dashboard.
Do I need an active deposit while referring to my friends?
No, you can always refer your peers without having an active deposit with us. However, you can always grow your money with daily profits and earn lucrative commissions if you have an investment with us.
How to view active downlines?
Simply go to Dashboard and refer to the My Referral page. Here, you will have all the resources needed to build a comprehensive network of people. You can check the commission earned in the Earning History section.
When do I earn a commission?
As soon as your friends and family get aboard with Bestla Investment and make a deposit in their account, you will earn a commission.
My friend signed-up with my referral link but I can't see him/her in my downline, what to do now?
If this happens, you can ask your friend to mail us and mention your username or email address as the upline. We will take care of the rest.

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